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The Boy and The King - The Legend Of Obaid

The Boy and The King - The Legend Of Obaid

Product Information
This is the legend of obaid, a young man who must choose either to live an easy life in this world or to struggle for reward in the hereafter. The story takes place in the time of king Narsis, a tyrant who controls his people by encouraging them to worship idols and frightening them with the magic of Cinatas, his evil sorcerer. Cinatas chooses Obaid to be his apprentice. At first, the boy is tempted by dreams of the power and the influence he will wield as the king's next sorcerer. But, something happens to make him question his priorities. He begins talking to a pious monk, who opens his mind to the true meaning of life.

This monk tells Obaid that there is only one GOD, and that He created mankind to worship Him alone. Though these words appeal to Obaid’s heart and mind, he is still confused. The monk advises him to seek the truth on his own – and thus begins the boy’s quest. But how will Obaid know the truth? And, if he finds it, will be have the strength to follow it – even if it costs him his life?

This story is taken from an authentic narration of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that explains the reference to “The people of the ditch” in Surat Al-Burooj (Qur’an 85:4), it is about a boy who believes in Allah, and he is blessed with divine protection from the plotting of his wicked king.

Now, through the marvel of animation, your family can journey back in time to relive Obaid’s epic struggle. This DVD is the second release from the makers of Fatih-Sultan Muhammad, the most popular Islamic DVD ever. It includes the first-ever soundtrack of Islamic songs in English, performed by young Muslims – and it is sure to be another Muslim family favourite!

This cartoon stories about nuzul of ayah-l Qur`an....
File: Avi/Divx
Language: English
Size: 661mb
Length: 1hr28min
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